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We know and understand how unpleasant it is to go to a dental clinic. This is why we have been trying to make this experience more pleasant in our clinics since 1988 in Kadıköy and since the begining of 2014 in West Ataşehir. We know that only an elite and chic clincial environment equipped with high technology devices or a trouble-free, qualified treatment process are not enough but also good humored, calm and kind dentists and dental staff with the ability to develop empathy are needed for a pleasant experience. We also belive that it is not enough to share our experience and our point of view only with our patients.

As the Medicadent team we are proud to be a part of numerous education programs organized for the continuing education of dentists and dental technicians with national and international univeristies and partners like Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ ) ( since 2005, International Implantology Education Center (IFZI) ( since 2008 and Global Dental Association since 2013. With this approach while serving you in every branch of dentistry we will also be organizing courses and mastership programs for the dental team. Because as the Medicadent team we know that the occupational knowledge and affection grow and get more meaningful if shared with others.
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